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Name:Dr. Donald Blake (Thor)
Birthdate:May 3
Location:United States of America
The Marvel version of Thor is noble and very self-assured, sometimes to the point of arrogance. Thor is, in actuality, a partially disabled human surgeon, Donald Blake. After becoming a doctor, Blake suffers a complete nervous breakdown after finding an ancient magical staff, which awakens latent power within him, as well as an alternate personality modeled after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. One of the aspects of his power is slight shapeshifting ability, which he utilizes whenever switching between forms.

Like all Asgardians, Thor is not truly immortal but relies upon periodic consumption of the Golden Apples of Idunn to sustain his lifespan, which to date has lasted many millennia. The strongest of the Norse gods, Thor has performed feats such as lifting the World Serpent, hurling the Odinsword, an enormous mystical blade, through a Celestial, and matching other beings such as Hercules and Hulk in strength. If pressed in battle, Thor is also capable of entering into a state known as the "Warrior's Madness", which will temporarily increase his strength tenfold. He also possesses virtually inexhaustible stamina, near-invulnerability, superhuman reflexes and an innate ability to summon storms.

Thor is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and has mastered a number of weapons such as the war hammer, sword, and mace. He is also cunning and intuitive in battle, with many centuries of experience. Thor possesses two items that assist him in combat: the Belt of Strength, and (primarily) his mystical hammer Mjolnir. The first item doubles his strength, while the second allows him to control weather effects (lightning, wind, rain, etc.) of the storms he summons, to fly at high speeds, to project various forms of energy, and to open dimensional apertures. The hammer also gives Thor the most powerful of his offensives, the God Blast and the Anti-Force.

NOTE: The Thor depicted in here is an amalgam of Ultimate Thor and the Thor found in main continuity. Mun and muse are over 18
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